Our mission is to meet the special project demands or our clients in extremely competitive positions by consulting best practices in management, manpower, and logistics.

We supply well trained and skilled labor and to power delivery customers by offering them a quality and cost efficient alternative to recruiting and retaining their skilled work force.

What Our Client Say About Us

" Working with Pinnacle Lineman Company has proven to be a key relationship in the success of our company and projects to ensure a high quality linemen staff " - Client Reference.


"Pinnacle has streamlined our recruiting and vetting process to a single relationship that we rely on heavily to produce a reliable pipeline of linemen for our work across the country" - Client Reference.

Leverage Pinnacle's Resources for Your Success

- Access to Over 25,000+ Linemen

- Industry Leading Knowledge of the Linemen Market

- Properly Vet & Classify Experience and Skills Sets

- Retain Linemen for Long Term Growth

- Save Money on HR Cost & Efficiency

- No Upfront Cost or Investment

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