Our employees are the heartbeat of our business. We take great pride in you, your family, and the advancement of your career. Your success is our #1 priority.

Answers to Your Questions....

Can I Be a Pinnacle Lineman?

What is required to become a Pinnacle Lineman?

Pinnacle Linemen Company has a thorough due-deligence process to ensure that all Pinnacle Linemen meet the standards of our Core Values:

           Safety, Integrity, and Commitment.


For every applicant we require:

-Application or Resume with detailed work history

-3 supervisor level references

-Pre-employment drug screen

-Criminal background check (felonies will not automatically disqualify you from employment)

-Skills Assesment Evaluation to ensure proper classification

Why do I need a resume?

So we can pay you what you are worth! Everyone's experience level is different. There are multiple people involved in making the hiring decision. Having a resume with detailed work experience helps expedite the process as well as ensure that we can properly classify you.

Can you help me make a resume?

Absolutely! Please click on the link below and include as much detail about your work history as possible. CLICK HERE

What if I don't have a CDL?

Although a CDL is not required on all Pinnacle Linemen Company's projects, it is required on most. If you do not have a CDL, we still encourage you to fill out and application and resume as we do have the flexibility from time to time to make exceptions.

How Does Pinnacle Work?

Is Pinnacle a Temp Agency?

No. Nothing Pinnacle does is temporary! Our focus is to keep Pinnacle Linemen employed long-term. This means no lay-offs when the project is complete. There is always another project to keep you employed without changing employers and losing your benefits package or 401k.

Does Pinnacle Take a Fee Out of My Pay?

Absolutely Not! Pinnacle Linemen are paid the exact same pay and per diem as the linemen you will be working along side.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Pinnacle Linemen choose to work for us because of our reputation in the industry, our commitment to our employees, and the benefits of long-term employment with us. Working for Pinnacle is just like working for any other employer.

What if I want to hire on with the contractor?

Our #1 priority is to make sure that you are set up for the best opportunity in your career. You and your family need to do what is best for your situation. Every contractor that we work with has the ability to hire you on directly if it is what both the contractor and you desire.

Why is Pinnacle Different?

Why do contractors hire Pinnacle to recruit linemen?

You are a very valuable employee! It is a compliment to you to be so highly sought after and coveted. The power line industry is changing and requires experts like Pinnacle to manage the recruiting, hiring, and well-being of it's employees.

How do I know that I'm working with a quality company?

Just as Pinnacle has a thorough due-deligence process with every employee we hire, we also have a thorough due-deligence process with every contractor that we work with. The same responsibility we have to ensure to our clients that we are providing them with high quality linemen is the same responsibility that we have to you to ensure that we are setting you up for success with a high quality contractor, equipment, and safety record.

Who pays for my health insurance?

Your health and well-being is a top priority of ours. Pinnacle pays 100% of our employees health insurance after 90 consecutive days of employment. You may choose to opt in your dependence at your cost. 

If You Do Not See Answers to Your Questions, Please Contact Us At:


Phone: (480) 675-4630 or 

Email:  Info@pinnaclelinemen.com